An archive of artwork on alchemy, cosmology, kabbalah, freemasonry, magic, allegorical and mythological emblems and witchcraft themes.

Adam McLean, the well-known publisher and researcher into esoteric traditions, has over the last 25 years been making hand-coloured versions of key woodcuts, engravings and manuscript drawings. He subtly and sensitively coloured these using the highest quality watercolours, so they will not fade. Indeed, many of these created in the 1990s are as bright and clear as they were when painted.

Many of these appear as illustrations in his books and some were used in exhibitions at the Edinburgh Festival in 2007 and at his specialist art gallery in Kilbirnie. Many of these have been used on other people's websites and as illustrations in many author's works.

These artworks have long been part of Adam McLean's archive but two years ago he decided to begin selling this off. Over a hundred were sold on his Ebay Esoteric paintings shop, but this has been abandoned due to increasing costs and they will now be sold direct to customers though this page.

They are signed and dated, then mounted and framed in a plain black frame. Adam McLean uncovered many of these images during his many years of research. His colouring system was based on original coloured images in manuscripts. All orders receive Adam McLean's personal attention.


Contact: Adam McLean - phone 07963 348934